MH 4-Z Whip

MH 4-Z Whip
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MH 4-Z Pisk 180-550 MHz 1/4 0 dB

¼ λ Mobile Rubber Antenna for the 160 MHz Band
High-flexibility rubber whip with cast-in steel-wire radiating element.
Ideal where the whip may be exposed to mechanical shock or severe deflection when driving under low objects.
Stainless steel Z-mount with ball-joint and wing screw whip-fastening system.
Simple mounting exclusively with access from the outside.
Models with roof thickness from 2 mm to 7.5 mm mounting from the inside.

Choice between two connection principles: Z-mount: FME-connection (supplied without cable).
ZP4-mount: Permanently attached 4 m cable terminated with FME-connector

Electrical Model MH 4-Z
Frequency Tunable by cutting within: 144 - 175 MHz (Also applicable: 175 - 225 MHz)
Antenna Type ¼ λ mobile whip antenna
Polarisation Vertical
Impedance 50 Ω
SWR ≤ 1.3:1 @ f.res.
Maximum Input Power 150 W
Bandwidth ≥ 15 MHz @ SWR ≤ 2.0
Gain (EIA RS-329-1) 0 dB

Materials Whip: Multicore steel wire moulded in elastomer Chromed brass
Mount: Chromed brass Weather- and shockproof plastics
Stainless steel

Installation Torque 7.5 ±1 Nm
Colour Black
Height Approx. 490 mm / 19.29 in.
Weight Z-version: Approx. 200 g / 0.44 lb./ ZP4-version: Approx. 350 g / 0.77 lb.
Mounting 21 mm dia. hole (For roof thicknesses 2 mm up to 7.5 mm mounting hole should be 22 mm dia.)
Mounting Plate Thickness Max. 2.0 mm (Models up to 7.5 mm on request)

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